Diabetes T2 Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

mySugr Diabetes Manager App for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android (english)

The Companion is a charming, sometimes outspoken diabetes manager. A new twist on the old-fashioned diabetes logbook, mySugr Companion gives you ...

Top 5 Diabetes Apps for iPhone

1. mySugr Diabetes Logbook Interface: Bright colors and a fun, easy interface. Favorite thing: Using your inputs throughout the month, the app will estimate your ...

Introducing the Glooko iOS App for Diabetes Management

Managing your diabetes is only one part of your life. Save time and eliminate errors from manual entry by easily and quickly downloading blood glucose ...

Apple Watch App Will Track Glucose Levels for Diabetics

Already approved by the FDA, a new Apple Watch app is slated to debut in April to help diabetics make sure their blood sugar levels don't go too high or too low.

Diabetes Buddy Lite App Health fitness Review HD IPAD iPhone

Diabetes Buddy Lite App Review HD IPAD iPhone.

Apps you can download to manage your diabetes.

Holly Firfer looks at some apps that make managing diabetes easier.

Nudge: A healthcare app for Type 2 diabetes

The Nudge concept app from Smart Design helps pre-diabetics—people with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes—change their eating habits and make ...

Dexcom G5 Mobile Bluetooth CGM for Diabetics - Review

The new Dexcom G5 CGM (Constant Glucose Monitoring) unit connects to your smartphone via bluetooth to keep you up to date with where your blood glucose ...

First steps with the mySugr Diabetes Manager App for iPhone (english)

mysugr.com/companion - Faster, sleeker, better. See for yourself and try out the new mySugr Companion now! But watch out! This product contains monsters!

Top Diabetes Apps for iPhone

1.Pocket Dietitian 2.Glucose Companion 3.Healthsome G for Glucose 4.Fooducate 5.Diabetes App Lite 6.Go Meals HD 7.Diabetes Pilot 8.Glucose Buddy 9.

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